The Renegade Trials 1.0: The Interviews

[Detective] State your name for the record.
[Witness 14] Ennie Burcostos.
[Detective] State your full name.
[Witness 14] Enestasia…. Enestasia Burcostos.
[Detective] Should I call you Ennie or Enestasia? Do you prefer one of the other?
[Witness 14] You can call me Ennie. It’s fine.
[Detective] So Ennie, it was your party, correct? You were the one who rented out the Galleria rooms? Your name was on the these room rental sheets.
[Witness 14] Well my parents rented them out for me. Yes. It was a birthday party for me…
[Detective] And how many people attended? Did you have a guest list?
[Witness 14] …well I invited some friends… probably about 50. I’m not entirely sure. I forget exactly who, but people were allowed to bring their friends. I… I didn’t think this… this would happen… one minute I was dancing and talking to friends and the next… it just happened so quickly… I didn’t-
[Detective] We know. We’re not here to investigate you as a suspect. We just want to ask you some questions to help us in our search. Is that okay?
[Detective] Can you name the people who were at your party?
[Witness 14] I… I don’t remember everybody. I only know a few names…
[Detective] You don’t remember the names of the friends you invited.
[Witness 14] It was an open party… people were allowed to invite guests. I just told people that they could come. There was no set list of guests. I didn’t think this would happen, so I didn’t keep tabs on who would come.
[Police] They found cocaine residues on tables on the scene, Ennie.
[Witness 14] It wasn’t mine… I didn’t do any. I didn’t realize! People must have brought it but I didn’t invite them. My friends don’t do that stuff.
[Detective] So did you invite Trevor?
[Witness 14] Yes. I invited Trevor.
[Detective] How do you know him?
[Witness 14] We went to school together. Well.. since I go to an all-girls’ school, we have a brother school for dances and socials. He’s a year older. We’re friends.
[Detective] Who did he come with to the party?
[Witness 14] I don’t know. Like I said, I wasn’t keeping tabs on who was coming in and out of the rooms. I think he came alone. He usually comes to things by himself.
[Detective] So he’s a loner? His parents said he had many friends though.
[Witness 14] Oh no, he had lots of friends. We were all good friends with him. He just comes to things by himself…
[Detective] What do you mean by “we”?
[Witness 14] Oh. Like people from school… friends…
[Detective] And which ones came to the party? Which ones do you remember coming to the party?
[Witness 14] Well there were lots of them….
[Detective] I want names.
[Witness 14] Well you interviewed my brother already… he was there.
[Detective] Yes, we know. But who else? Who did you dance with or talk with at the party?
[Witness 14] I don’t… I…
[Detective] Of all your friends, who was closest with Trevor?
[Detective] Ennie, you are impeding a criminal investigation if you can’t answer a simple question like that
[Witness 14] He was good friends with Will Grittinger. He played lacrosse. You should interview the team. [Detective] Who else?
[Witness 14] Max is good friends with him too.
[Detective] Max who?
[Witness 14] Makayla. She goes by Max. Makayla Curtis.
[Detective] Who else? This is very helpful, Ennie.
[Witness 14] I think that’s it. I don’t know.
[Detective] You look like you’re hiding something, Ennie.
[Witness 14] …I …I’m not sure who else. He has lots of friends but I can’t think of who he’s close with..
[Detective] Tell me about your friend Kayla.
[Witness 14] Makayla?
[Detective] No. Kayla. Bishop. Tell me about Kayla. She was at the party wasn’t she?
[Witness 14] Well… I think so. I’m not completely sure. I think she was there.
[Detective] Tell me about her friendship with Trevor.
[Witness 14] They weren’t dating. There was nothing going on between them.
[Detective] I didn’t say there was.
[Witness 14] …Kayla was good friends with Trevor. They fought sometimes, but he was like a big brother to her. That’s the kind of relationship they had.
[Detective] You know what’s funny? Everyone we’ve interviewed has said something along the same lines as that, but it’s so strange…
[Witness 14] What’s strange?
[Detective] Of all his friends, she’s the only person outside his family that he included in his will.