part of me wants to start logging the books that i read this summer:

Books I’ve Read this summer:

1. Second Chance Summer (After her dad is diagnosed with cancer and has 3 months to live, this girl and her family spend his last summer at their old cottage where Taylor has had bittersweet memories. Easy teen read. 3.5/5)

2. Shopaholic to the Stars (……um…. wouldn’t really recommend if you are the the type of person who projects your own sanity and values onto the protagonist and then gets frustrated when she is fucking batshit crazy and doesn’t do anything that you would do. That is all. 2/5¬†)

3. I tried reading The Liar’s Wife and just couldn’t get into it.

4. Where’d you go, Bernadette (This was hilarious and bittersweet, I loved it! About a smart little girl growing up in a WASPY Seattle neighborhood whose parents have secrets that unravel when things go hilariously wrong 4/5)

5. Saint Anything. (If you have read her other novels, especially The Truth about Forever, this is basically Macy and Wes’ love story in a different context. The story was interesting but not original… Sarah Dessen please do better I love you but this was just…. 2.5/5)

6. All the Light we cannot See. (this is worth all the hype and the fact that it won a Pulitzer prize recently. I loved the blind, resilient protagonist… like I would want a daughter like that. I’m glad they didn’t go too much into the Holocaust… not that that isn’t important but I feel like I’ve already read so many stories about that in war tales and wanted to hear about other parts of the war. The line at the end when Marie Laure says she can’t stand hearing lists of names because her dad’s name was never in any when they were looking for him broke my heart. 5/5)

7. Both of Me (No, like just nope. I found this book in Girls Life magazine and it was the worst recommended book I’ve ever encountered. The story wasn’t well developed, one minute they’re here one minute they’re there, they buy a plane without a struggle, just…. I hated it. I forced myself to finish it and the ending came out of the blue. Like… really cannot believe I read such a poorly planned book. The entire time I had to remind myself that there is better fiction out there 0/5)

8. 99 days (about a girl who is ostracized from her quaint home town after she falls in love with two brothers). I liked it…. it was different. It could have been more profound if she hadn’t decided to hang out with Gabe again, and just tried to focus on her friendships and repair relationships. I didn’t find her attraction to Gabe very compelling, and her relationship with Patrick seemed so childish that I don’t get why she couldn’t get over it? Maybe I”m just old. If you don’t like cheating or love triangles as a theme, don’t read it. Personally, it didn’t bother me. 3.5/5

9. Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid (I have always wanted to do a North-South good old American road trip just like Leila and encounter strangers and get involved in their lives -not necessarily romantically, and so I liked that idea throughout the entire book. My vendetta against this book was how much of a manic-pixie-dream-girl Alsaid made her out to be in the first part of the book… like she just falls heads over heels with a guy she met for less than 24 hours who seems like a¬†narcissist… like if I wanted to read that, I would have gotten a John Green novel instead. I hated how Elliot gets the girl at the end as well… I would have liked it if the girl he was in love with just friendzoned him… because guys need to better understand that this happens and you can’t just win a girl over by being persistent. Otherwise it was okay. 3/5)

10. P.S. I still love you (should have read the first book before I read this one but I only realized at the end of the book that this was a sequel. I liked it. A bit too manic pixie dream boy for me, but… I understood where she comes from. That you don’t always fall in love with the perfect boy. 3.5/5)

11. American Elsewhere (finished 400 pages in one day… need I say more? I need to stop denying that i enjoy sci-fi. I will admit that I read a partial spoiler before I read this only because i heard it was kind of scary and spooky 4.5/5)

12. Burn for Burn (I like teen lit… I liked this. 4/5)

Books I would recommend that I read last summer:

1. The Americans (photographs… takes like 1 hour if you read everything. Some powerful, amazing photographs of American life in the 60-70s.)

2. The Interestings (chronicles how 5 kids who went to summer camp together grow up and how their lives get intertwined and sometimes life doesn’t go until plan). I loved it because I think I have this fear: that I want to be brilliant and am so scared that someday I will be reduced to being “mediocre”, that I will run decisions I made in the past over and over again in my head.)

3. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men