built four walls, then stayed inside them. queen of a desolate castle is still a queen of her castle, despite everything. came back from new orleans slightly dirtier, maybe cleaner. no clean slate but i ripped out the last written page so that must count for something. felt maybe this travel bug has left, this world has left me jaded.  hmm… that doesn’t sound right in my mouth, in my mind. i’ve become jaded about the world, become jaded of possibilities and myself. global warming happens slowly, but our grasp happens ever slower.  though new orleans is so, so beautiful. maybe i should go to kentucky next, just like sabrina’s poem. new orleans is magical, not quite sleepy… but slow, music and sounds curl around your waist, dance with you. ran across the train tracks to see the bayou in the night, lights along the riverwalk, so beautiful, so vulnerable. i couldn’t stay, survival called for me, so i ran home.  i saw him, the boy, in new orleans. he walked past me and the whole time watching him on stage i thought, what is happening in my life. i have been brought here. this coincidence. i have been brought here and i will leave with nothing. i don’t get to try something on for size the way he is. they film comedy specials in new orleans, you know that? i didn’t know that. he was taller in person, thinner, commanded an energy. like watching someone who was just like you become something bigger, bigger than me, bigger than my dreams. made me think what the fuck i’m doing with this life, where i’m heading. maybe i’ve made a wrong turn, but the left doesn’t feel right at all, and the right leaves me wanting.

she was thin with leopard pants and now that i know better i think how sweet, how young, how naive and foolhardy but we must be this way when we are young so when we are older we can weather anything, we can weather these boys in navy sweaters who move across a country to be someone. how can you be angry at him for becoming someone? he became. and now you just watch him in the dark, in your chair, the spotlight so far away from you.

you run. maybe not often enough? you’ve gained weight. i’m not sure how. depression? hm. not enough exercise? diet? growing up? changing? all these poems are about change because you try to keep it from changing. all these poems are about loss because nostalgia clings to you too closely… i mean, you cling too close to nostalgia… i mean… you have trouble adapting to change so you avoid it when possible.

charleston felt like a punch in the gut while you knock back a few drinks and bike across what feels like ten islands and 20 years. our towns, the book, cozies up in a corner of your mind so you go visit the libraries and they remind you of the old libraries and living young when you were very, very young. biking to john’s island is funny because a portion of the trip is all about avoiding getting a hole in your bike tire, another portion is trying not to get hit by a car on the narrow bridge, and the rest is endless possibility that you want to cap into a bottle, analyze it later for years and years. all the fields, the wind, how flat everything is, the trees, those magnolia tress, those oaks, that semi-private neighbourhood with the quiet and the light. made you think of your childhood bike rides except you’ve got a basket this time and the houses are sparse but they are big. and it’s quiet. you’ll never forget the quiet. the quiet by the fields at low tide with the long deck stretching into infinity. you hear the cars from afar but otherwise, nothing. you could talk to yourself there and no one would hear. if it were a bit warmer you would have just laid out there in the sun, in the cold, felt a breeze, maybe welcomed it. charleston felt like revisiting a place you love and it doesn’t quite remember you like last time. the downtown changed, the purpose of the trip change, you went on entirely different days, the mood changed.  you didn’t need a map this time but you saw completely different things. the lavender latte still tastes good though, so you didn’t have to worry about that. the rest didn’t quite fit, goldilocks would agree. too cold, nothing lush, the wait at raw 167 took over an hour and you felt so alone. you wore the same shoes… fitting as you refuse to walk in someone else’s footsteps.

the south confuses me. confuses you. confuses her. the south… is romantic in its gritty way. would you move there? well, why do you keep asking yourself that unprompted?  i like the size. the cities are small but maybe that makes me feel like i could be somebody. you don’t like how there are no people like you in the city, you stick out like a sore thumb though thumb sounds callous and you want to be everything but. she bikes every way, not sure how she would take the hot summer heat with all its humidity. she only likes parts of the south, that she can pick and dispose and leave and nap when she feels like.  the world is her oyster and she’s just trying to avoid the sharp edges.

the world gets bigger in my mind but i feel smaller, and that’s the worst, worst feeling that i can’t shake. that we have agency but we make all the wrong choices.


Budget 2019

I realize that $1500 was too aggressive of a budget for my extravagant tastes… so I’ll concede, I’ll change it to $2500, because I ended up spending about the same amounts last year and the year before.  So $2500 is still $800 less than the year before.  I should also place parameters around what constitutes my clothing/shoes budget because accessories also count. I hadn’t bought new bags the previous year so that hadn’t been a category I’d given much thought to until I bought an Away suitcase and Cuyana bags.

Total: $590

Iro Dress – $213
Vetements Hoodie – $377


all the books i read in 2019

  1. Milkman – I’m excited for this to grow on me… I’ve heard it’s one of those books that you keep thinking about after you’ve read it. The book was a difficult read, difficult to keep going, but I found reading aloud to be helpful in progressing through it. I loved the symbolism (the super charger, no man’s land, the destroyed church, the cat’s head, tablets girl), and the theme of borders. everyone has borders… i have borders. i keep people out, i say nothing when i should speak up. in turn, inaction foments something insidious. you get a true sense of paranoia when you read this book, you watch a girl crumble mentally from sexual harassment and stalking. you watch a girl not understand her world because she needs to do that to survive. you see how other people survive, infinitely intrigued by gossip of others.  Milkman is a funny story… the part where middle sister describes tablets girl running around the club poisoning people made me laugh out loud, and it wasn’t the only scene that made me laugh. it’s a good book. i don’t know if it deserved an award but that’s only because i think this book is more erudite than how i’ve interpreted. i find all the reviews confusing because i understand the praise, but i still feel like i’m missing something. i want someone to break down the symbolism, break down the themes. this would be a good novel for a book study.
  2. Fifteen Dogs – Not… sure why… this won awards? It’s got some concrete, ambitious themes about power, adapting to change, masculinity, and fate vs free choice.  I didn’t like the book because of the character development, perhaps only because I held this book to great acclaim so I expected to really feel for these dogs. I also felt that the Gods were quite impersonal. But at the same time, perhaps the author did this as a choice, so you as a reader always feel like an observer and are helpless in their fates. You must feel removed from their downfalls and triumphs because you, like an observer in the clouds, cannot and should not make impassioned decisions.  It was a neat story and you don’t really know how the fate of the dogs will end… I did like that one dog that gets along really well with his owner, and that ending was super sad… ah well.

mom says love, in our family, means sacrifice – franny choi

todd said holding a gun right is like pretending you’re being pulled by a rope but you’re trying to settle into the ground, legs spread apart only to help you hold your balance, your immobility, and you gotta hold your arms straight ahead, but they’ve got to be firm, kayla, no not like that, don’t hold them super straight because you want them to bend to resistance. you took physics didn’t you? you understand how forces work. and i smile -grimace might be a better word- and think about whiplash in every other setting. and how it’s been two years, and it’s never quite lived up to what i thought it would be. never been as bad as i thought it would be.

you came to see me when you were in the city, didn’t you? told me you were in town for two months for work if i wanted to grab coffee or drinks or dinner or something, just to catch up, chat.  chat about what i wasn’t sure. it’d been two years after all, life had moved on. we were friends with different people, though not NEW people.  our circles didn’t collide ever though i’ve always believed it’s because we didn’t let them.  our apprehension, our unease with each other covered our worlds in force fields so we’d be insular but safe. no funny business you know. ask the man in charge, he knows, i’m sure. it’s why this whole world is going to the shit. if you hated me you wouldn’t have done it. but it doesn’t mean you still love me, i know i know. i didn’t have to say that but i felt like it needed to be said, like adding some extra damp sand to a sand castle for good measure. it’s sturdy now. it was just an extra pad of the foundation. it can’t withstand a tsunami certainly, but a few waves, a few splashes, it will persevere the first dozen times.

yael had a problem with you and i never quite got it. said you just seemed uneasy and at the time i just smiled, grimaced really, but nodded. yael always knows best, doesn’t she? even if she isn’t the best person to be around. but even now i’m not sure what to think of what she thought about you. you weren’t perfect, you weren’t that great. you didn’t get along with my friends, and they didn’t really get along with you. it wasn’t a collision of ideas, a disagreement of sorts that took over my whole universe… it was more an aura, the way you moved was off beat from the way they swayed. understandable, though. upper east siders aren’t really known to be relatable, affable, people who “get it”. but you were the son of the hardworking middle class, your mother a teacher and your father a technician. people cheer for people like that.  people stand behind a good story with a good backstory, but when you add me as a character in, it just derails. there’s no room for a girl whose mother is a remarried socialite and whose father is an old-money banker. it doesn’t have grit, it loses it’s colour, it’s not soft to the touch. it’s not touching. who is the underdog in the story? certainly not you.  because it would mean that i’m a prize worthy of being won.  instead, this is a show that’s run four season too long.  you’ve tried to sell the villain as sympathetic to the masses and they revolt without a word.

but i firmly believe yael was wrong. because you weren’t a bad person in any way, you just didn’t click with her. so i brush her judgement away and think of how we went for drinks. i host a party. i want you there. you say yes. you stay to clean up as my stomach knots and i know where it’s going. and it’s a funny season that year. it’s funny because i had done so much to forget you and it was really going somewhere. and it was still going somewhere because all we had lost couldn’t be found whole again. so i let the night whisk me away, i let you tell me that you don’t want to talk about anything serious. i tell you i miss you. i start crying. it’s so messy because i can’t stop crying. this is a no strings attached hookup only because the strings have been snipped and they’ve become tangled in everything else.

so back to the whiplash. i say whiplash because i invite you to spend christmas with my family that same year and no one, not yael, not my family, not stevie, not YOU, not your family, not anyone’s fucking tiny chihuahua would have guessed that i would have pulled out so wild a card it’s no more than a piece of lined paper i pulled out of the nearest notebook and scribbled on. this is in NO ONE’s playbook. this makes no sense to anyone. this move doesn’t register in any rule books, it doesn’t go acknowledged or recognized. can’t be analyzed, there are no hot takes because there can’t be any. this… this is my piece de resistance.

and you don’t come, you decline. you do it curteously because it seems to be the most appropriate reaction to something so batshit crazy. am i working it only a ploy? even i don’t know.  i’m not sure how it plays out but i’ve planned the first couple of steps. because the gesture meant i had nothing to lose, and it made you contemplate spending time with my family. and it made us talk. so we talk and you ask why, and wasn’t it so obvious? after everything that had happened in our respective lives, in those past years, from your accident to what happened to me in san francisco to the triumphs of your recovery and my return to work, we lived our lives chasing for a normalcy that we once had when we were together. and sure, maybe that’s a long shot, a missed interpretation of sacred texts, but i started to wonder why we went for dinner when we didn’t have to, why you reached out when we hadn’t spoken in so, so long when we had our separate lives to live and parallel paths to lead. when we went for dinner, you just wanted the conversation to pick back up where it had left off, even if that cliff hanger wasn’t pretty. i started wondering if i had been seeing all these guys for the wrong reasons, or maybe in the end it was the right reasons? that i was having fun but fun is short-lived if you believe you deserve something better. and everything that hadn’t worked out the first time stemmed from the fact that we hadn’t bothered to fix it. but we were older now, and we hadn’t moved on (unfortunately, some might even say), so why not?

if love, in this family, means sacrifice then i’ve lost the poker game haven’t i? laid all the cards on the table. i have everything to lose but something to win. and the only one i’ve sacrificed is myself. you could sell a daughter for much more, i’m telling you. so you picked me up at four the march after. spring is a revival, i muse silently. and life goes on and i smile, grimace a little, but still smile. you drive somewhere not as picturesque as a sunset, but it’s this cold city, you know? what can you do? and i sit back and roll the window down just a tad so my fingers can slip through and touch the gliding air, and i think, silly girl, you’re risking it for nothing if you have nothing worth losing.

the fact that the contest ended this year was a sign, like a sign that you don’t get a do-over whenever you want, that you can breathe but sometimes you’ve got to hold your breath for longer. you miss him? so do i. so do it.

you ever read a book and want it to never end?  wanted to lick your lips, taste it one more time. i feel like danez smith’s book did that to me.

in a rut. that’s how i feel. should i buy a domain? is that a thing a lot of people do?  just some two minute thoughts. run and run around in a circle don’t they? doesn’t the word circumspect come from “circ”? but you’re supposed to get wiser aren’t you? so what’s this called?

an exception?

when it snows and it’s late and i look at the frosted glass from my bathroom window, it glows the most beautiful orange, not vibrant, just warm, subdued but undeniable. maybe it’s nostalgia but i really don’t think that’s what moves me. instead, it comforts me, crawls from the dimmed street lights outside, slides through the tempered glass of my bathroom window, and settles for a nap on my cheek, tickling gently, reminding me that i’m alive, that it’s real. the orange is warm, is sleepy, reminds me to breathe, maybe to hold my breath, but never to panic. never to abandon what is in the present but instead of listen, to see, to breathe in, and breathe out. live languidly, perhaps. i can’t see what’s beyond but maybe that’s why it’s perfect. because beyond the frost, it’s still snowing, it’s still biting, it’s still cold, still a cruelty that won’t forgive even when i repent, and this life en rose is currently in orange instead, but i can live with that, i can settle, perhaps because i have to. i make myself feel like this feeling of being entrapped is actually a feeling of being ensconced i’ve misread, and i take it non-chalantly. don’t overthink. it will ruin the mood.

i thought of him again and i’m not sure how i feel about it. because to write what i feel would mean i’d have to confront it. and that’s hard. it’s hard because it would feel like knocking my head back against the grime of a denial that’s caked on so thick it’s solid and i get a whiplash so good afterwards you’d call it an epiphany, an about face, a snap back to reality oh there goes gravity. so i’m timid and i think about it through this frosted glass facade. and maybe he reminds me of the winter orange glow but every day that sensation that i dream of feels fainter. and maybe that means i’m healing. or i’m forgetting. maybe there’s no difference. maybe you can’t heal without forgetting it all.

and that’s why i haven’t healed. because i hold on. i remember. i even try to remember the details, especially in the moments before bed and i let my mind wander and somehow it always finds itself back in time, two years ago when i was young and losing weight and determined to do great things and arrogant and naive and every name in the book. and every time i slide down this rabbit hole, i cringe, i sigh, i tell myself i would have done it differently, but i hesitate to leave, hesitate to come back up for air. i will myself to turn back time bringing with me only hindsight. i say all the right things, i make the right mistakes, i understand things in the moment that took me months, years even, to acknowledge.

we’ve changed. he’s changed. i’ve changed. i’ve grown, but it’s been ugly. three years is a lot of time for things to transform and we are rounding the corner of two. we are well past it at this point. what do i have to show for it other than these wounds that i pick too often to let them close, this life whose trajectory pointed towards great things but has since stalled since i have limited resilience for failure.

it gets better from this point, right? beyond the valley is another peak right? it only goes uphill from here, they say, but i always forget i’m the slowest climber. not the weakest, mind you, but someday i’ll see over this edge.

the opposite of a strong woman

the opposite of a strong woman is
is against the movement
is me, Day 147
waiting two hours early for a train
on a bench in Kings Cross
thinking, not moving, not healing, just…

about where i went wrong.

a grieving woman has potential
because she is redeemable
is granted the chance to prove that she is strong
and if she can’t
well, what an embarrassment.

there’s no room in history for weak women.

when i coughed up the bile, they cooed
look at everything you’ve gone through,
the beginning is tough,
i promise it gets better.

but the sour taste never subsided
and months in I saw his face
his name was just a curse
to tie up my throat
how can you need someone
so badly
who doesn’t need you?


she’s the opposite
of a strong woman.
and they’re right, they’re always right
so write me down in history
as someone who couldn’t survive the war.
a weak woman is a witch worth burning for
the stakes are too high these days for

there’s no room for mistakes in survival and
I grieved past the grace period,
didn’t let myself heal fast enough so they shield
their daughters’ eyes when I pass
out of blasphemy
I’m not worth being made an example of,
I’ m a lost cause among the growing cause

I cry when I want to,
sit frozen for periods at length,
unsure what is the next move,
unsure if there is something worth doing that’s an advance and not a retreat

retreat in some other context is a setting for healing,
for peace I haven’t bothered to find

strong women leave a mark in history and i’m just a bruise

black sheep, black witch
you want me to tell you that it gets better but I don’t
i don’t mind losing when I’ve already lost

He says come back and I do.
foolish woman

He says stay and I know I would
he promised me stars but never delivered

I’m not waiting, I assure you, I’m past that,
you see, I found some on my own
but they remind me of the ones he had promised
so I sit still
I grieve
I lay down and look up in the dark and think

have we done
to each other


    1. you ever sit on the bus in those window-facing seats, and you angle your whole body to look outside, and there’s the tree? it’s her tree, it looks just like her tree and it’s been thirteen years and we’ve both grown older and sometimes you miss your childhood friends. but you miss them not like a yearning for warm days and cackles and footsteps that don’t fully originate on the sidewalk but along the middle of the cul-de-sac in circles at four feet five, acquiescing to nobody’s orders but imposing cars leaving and entering driveways, instead, you miss them like staring at the crumbling in your hands. it’s dust, it’s everywhere and you can breathe it in but it amounts to nothing. and she won’t visit your city because it reminds her of you. and it has been thirteen years, isn’t that enough to forget? but you don’t. because an eating disorder doesn’t have an expiry date even when it’s gone. and the music of our teens grows so nostalgic they become classics, and thirteen years ago is your generation’s Breakfast Club and you’d replay it all the time if you could. rewind to the best parts, play it again.   ////////  it ain’t gone, baby, it’s just not living.
    2. when the days are grey and mildew-y and damp, i think of this vision that looks a lot like the Barnes and Noble near Greenwich but it’s not totally it. maybe it’s the big picture window that confuses me in these dreams, but i’m not sure. and i think this is where i might die, or where i feel like i’m living, or maybe this is a memory i don’t remember, but i think fondly of this window. i imagine when it snows, it must bring some rush back into me, light me back alive if i was ever on the edge. it doesn’t feel like home, it never did. maybe it was a stopping place, where you rest, but you don’t call it home, because it means you must move on eventually.
    3. what would you do if you won the lottery? and i think easy, i’d buy a house, i’d invest, i’d travel. would i keep a job? of course. i could go to school and not worry about tuition. and when i don’t worry i grow reckless, when i worry i grow restless.  and the world is a blank slate because suddenly i have everything to lose, and that’s why you don’t see lottery winners on top 40 lists, that’s why they don’t run for office (because there are other things they can do), and i’m not sure how i could mess up my blank slate but baby i would.  my blank slate is power washed, hand dried. amnesia spreads among all my friends about all the things i’ve done wrong, and as for myself, i can’t pause, that would be the biggest test you see. i can’t pause so i run, so i rev, so i hit go. i’ve got to do something and it would be my demise. strike a match and arson doesn’t begin to seem like the right world. explosion? no, too abrupt. this is a gradual burn, but it isn’t slow.  you don’t know how to do yourself in until it’s o p p o r t u n e. what a word, huh? almost like fortune. just almost.


travels & tribulations

i haven’t really updated my life in terms of my travels and i’ve done a lot of it. i’ve suffered a lot too if your faith in measurement liberally includes a plebeian drama queen.  i’m never sure if i enjoy travelling, because i get exhausted after i return, and i’m always lukewarm about whether or not i want to come home. i want to come because i get overwhelmed by the income inequality, and i am reluctant to return because of the weather.

things i’ve realized

  • i am more inclined to give homeless people money when i’m abroad. i think part of it is the relative income inequality, and i feel like it will make a greater difference because in my head, i think there are fewer support services available to them than in canada. is that fair? am i being unfair?
  • i still haven’t been able to “relax” while travelling. there is too much to see, there is never enough time to reflect. maybe it’s an ROI thing?
  • i like meeting new people, i like meeting them for a short period of time. i don’t like growing attached.
  • i hate exploring canada. i’m not really sure what it is… maybe it’s too close to home? the weather? i hated vancouver and am certain that i would never, ever move there. i didn’t like the vibe, it’s not fast enough for me. it also feels like too small of a city. it feels like a fake city. the skies are also grey all the time. the tourist attractions like that lego whale statue feels like a pathetic attempt at public art, perhaps because it’s situated in too touristy of a setting.
  • i don’t think i would enjoy europe much… we made a pit stop in Zurich and i just hated it. things are too old, too cramped for my liking.
  • a full water crisis is gonna hit the world, and it’s gonna be ugly.


i wish i had longer in birmingham.  great food, way too much walking, very hot and humid and i stuck it out. it wasn’t even as humid as home, so i didn’t mind it too much and don’t know why i pointed that out since it sounds like i singled it out as a gripe. i just spent too much time outside, walking, exploring, refusing to pay for transportation. loved the bird scooters, which is a source of internal conflict, because I am staunchly against tech because of the hyper-masculine, super-white work cultures and the entitlement that emanates from tech firms, but they were sooo fun to ride and they’re way cheaper than cabs or ride shares.  birmingham is very segregated, not only in where people live but what shops people eat and shop at. it’s very desolate. on weekends, it’s a ghost town. you could traverse the middle of the road if you wanted. you’ll always see a couple of cars, but the weekend sidewalks can be your kingdom if you want to claim them.  i don’t think i could live there… i’ve been thinking about it, since the cost of living would be so much lower and all my friends and family would consider that out of left field if i literally uprooted myself and settled down in alabama. maybe i would love the shock value, however short-lived that might be.

should we visit places that are known to be racist? i kept thinking about that. should we visit places that we think are backwards, not progressive?  when we visit them, are we complicit? i say you should visit them, i say maybe you are complicit and you have to accept that.  there are victims of that racism who live there, who deserve to be acknowledged, and their stories and history deserve to be acknowledged. birmingham was a learning experience. i went to the civil rights museum and learned SO MUCH, i walked the streets, i spoke to houseless people, i ate at places where everybody was white, i rode bird scooters, i conversed with a lyft driver who told me that he worked as a greyhound driver for his entire life but came back to alabama to retire because alabama is truly “sweet home alabama”. i’m complicit to that segregation, but i’m not sure you could not be… like if i don’t help “solve” it, i couldn’t possibly win.  alabama’s history is complicated, its politics are complicated and so problematic, but tourism can’t be strictly perceived as visiting places for “fun”. we visit new places to experience and learn about them. and birmingham was kind, it had that lucid, hot summer swagger (in the most erudite definition), and it made pity the world for overlooking birmingham and alabama as somewhere unworthy of visiting.  sitting at the greyhound station for a bus that ended up being delayed by 2 hours was eye-opening in seeing the people that come through the station, and thinking it looks a lot like how i grew up in the suburbs. i read Our Towns shortly after my visit; birmingham isn’t on a recovery from a decline, but it’s on its way up, at least for its white Millennial residents. there’s a Southern creative class there that’s emerging, and i got to see it because my decision to walk home from dinner led me to the arts festival that was going on. birmingham is slow, it wants to talk to you, it has an ugly history that should never be forgotten.

cape town

cape town was beautiful. i’m not sure what i expected when i went. i thought maybe it would change me as a person, and perhaps the mark it leaves on me is still pending.  the oceanside views are breathtaking, the best i’ve seen, but that doesn’t say much because i haven’t traveled to many capes. but Chapman’s Peak man…. I could sit there all day. The views were so gorgeous, the pace of life is slow and chill (typical oceanside!), the poverty is at times hard to stomach though I know it’s probably a lot worse in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The water crisis makes me think about how precarious potable water really is, and how much we take it for granted living by the Great Lakes.

i don’t enjoy travelling with other people and that’s something i haven’t been able to change, even though i made a true CONCERTED effort to be more affable and pleasant, but i am by nature very impatient, self-absorbed, and unable to make compromises. i don’t think i can stay at an AirBnB for the rest of life, because they have always disappointed me, but that says a lot more about me than anything else. I loved seeing Muizenberg, climbing Table Mountain and Lions Head (at least for the first couple hours). it sucked that i got my period while travelling, but i knew it was going to happen, and i feel like that ordeal could have been a lot worse, so maybe it was the best it could have been but i would make sure not to travel at that time next time around.

i’ve been more open to new foods… got to try ostrich meat, which i would definitely try again. i also tried brisbok, a type of antelope, and would look for local fruits and foods when i could.  i got annoyed with these Dutch tourists who weren’t interested in learning about the history of Bo-Kaap at all, because Bo-Kaap is shaped by the effects of apartheid, mild islamophobia, and colonialism.  It’s actually really sad that South Africa’s official languages are English and Afrikaans, because as our Robben Island tour guide pointed out, they’re both languages derived from the colonizers.  What does it mean to undo colonialism? Is that even possible?  Is language the greatest weapon for ensuring that the legacy and consequences of colonialism endure, because it becomes impossible to unravel: it becomes a literal matter of survival.  I really enjoyed the tour of Langa, the oldest township where ostracized Black South Africans were forced to live during apartheid. you see the genuine sense of community; the homes in the community were the most run down i’ve ever seen, but that’s because i haven’t travelled to any other third-world countries. it wasn’t shocking per se, because we can see a lot of those types of images online and through documentaries, but it made it real.  Some people live in literal shacks, and there is litter everywhere.  This is the legacy that the racist white South African government has left, and we are in awe of how messy, ugly, and terrifying it is.


i started subscribing to the Yeah but Still podcast, although I should probably stop next month because it’s costing me a lot. I need to budget better given my reckless spending and I don’t get a lot of exclusive content for the amount I pay. I learn a lot about the creative industries of Los Angeles, about the alt scene, and I love that, but is it worth $92 a year? Hmmm…. maybe if there is a return on investment?  Like if I got involved in the creative industries then yes, it’s almost like exclusive insider information.  I only subscribed because I wanted to see Crissy’s powerpoint anyway, and now that I’ve seen it, maybe it’s time to say adieu. we’ll see.

Jack is so intelligent and observant, and I really respect that.  When I listened to the calamari algorithm episode, I thought this was ingenious and something I would do.  Both Jack and Brandon are very eloquent, funny, and engaging, and I enjoy hearing about their lives in LA. it makes me look at LA differently and makes me want to go back even more. I’ve always felt like I would enjoy living in LA, ESPECIALLY because there are fake, fame-hungry people there, because at least you KNOW that going in. it’s not like a surprise, and it allows you to play that game to your advantage.  i always said i would love the South even before I visited, and surprise, surprise, I fucking loved it!  And that was after I went to Charleston, which people said wasn’t even the true South, so people better not tell me that Alabama is not the true South.  Yes, I could go to rural Alabama, but if I were to do that, it would just be to prove a point (which I’m not going to waste energy doing), and I think it would make me really depressed since Alabama has some of the poorest residents in the entire country and living conditions are known to be comparable to third world countries (with things like no plumbing, clean water, etc).

i’m not alt enough for East LA, but I’m currently too poor to belong in Abbot Kinney so I’m not sure where I would fit in?  One of my favourite book series, The One by Ed Decter, painted a realistic portrait of Hollywood that I knew I would love to be a part of… which might sound rather insidious, but it’s a hustle game, and if I’m placed in a stressful enough situation, I would fucking thrive in this take-no-prisoners style of Hollywood.


now i’m at the starbucks reserve writing this post. i just downloaded the newest final draft, so maybe i’ll start that screenplay i’ve meant to write years ago, thanks to Jack for rekindling the creative intrigue that’s always burned in me. Hmm….

hopefully will do some analytical work. maybe start that application for the fellowship. hopefully i feel better after i’ve written this. i’m listening to Khalid’s Vertigo and feeling the calm. i miss writing. i think i’ve gotten worse at it out of a lack of practice. i got a subscription to The Walrus but now I regret it.  I am a closed-eyes, brackish-water cliff jumper and i’ve spent quite a bit of time sunbathing at the top, which is all well until i realize how much i’ve eaten while laying on my towel and how much weight i’ve gained, and how sad and complacent i’ve become. the sunbathing has been great, my endorphins have never soared so high, but now i’m not sure if i can make it over the edge. but i have to. sometimes we have to sink down in order to come back up again. it’ll get messy i’m sure. but sometimes we gotta fall down, and not just move forward, in order to get somewhere. and i’ve been in limbo far too long, afraid of where to go because it will hurt me, because it takes just that extra bit of effort. i need to be better.

a ten minute thought: go

i have twelve minutes, but i’ll use 10. only customary isn’t it?

i haven’t felt better. i’ve been in a slump lately, that has lasted months ever since my essay didn’t win that contest. it was like the softest thud but the nail was in the coffin and i haven’t really done much to fix it. i’ve tried not to see people, because some people make me feel down. and i already feel down so i don’t have more energy to do more labour for people who don’t really do it for me. i think a lot about my place in my world, among the people i know and i’m not really sure where i fit, maybe i’m mysterious, that’s what i hope to be.

i found out his sister got into That School, and i can’t help but think whether or not I have a chance to get into a good grad school, but the more i read application requirements the more i feel like there is more work to be done. like maybe i just need to write my GRE again, and i’ve been ready way more and hopefully that would help with my vocabulary. and maybe this time i would hire someone to tutor me for Verbal. i don’t know. i also have 19 other things i want to do, but never feel like doing them and that stresses me out. like this weekend, i’ll be writing an article i pitched, i’m supposed to see S and N for dinner separately, and then i’ve also got to do my part-time job. and after my part-time job, maybe i’ll set aside some time to examine carpentry stuff. it’s about time. it’s waaaay overdue. maybe i’ll try my hand at git bash again too. small goals. maybe i need to set a monthly goal. yeah, that sounds about right.

i thought about sending an email to tana mongeau’s team about an event planning opportunity but i started looking into the logistics of it and realized that i would probably have to do it illegally which means i shouldn’t do it at all, so that email will sit in my inbox… maybe… forever? that sounds like a long time. it also sounds like a long time since i’ve seen him or heard from him, and that hasn’t been forever yet even if it feels like it. he graduated, he’s not coming back for a while. i wonder if that was meant to be. like i’m never going to escape this town until he comes back, so our paths never cross again and then my email is just pipe dreams.

maybe our paths will cross again.

i find instagram stupid and will proceed to take the next few minutes to tell you that i’m tired of it, but i got it for A so that we could talk but i don’t check insta enough to do that, but i also check it too often to not feel self-loathing, which is to say that i don’t check it often (which is good) but it’s so good at making me feel powerless and little and feel like nothing and make me feel like i’m worth nothing, and it’s the worst cycle.

monthly goals sounds good. that’s why i come here right? for good ideas.

i finished my submission for next year’s contest, you know, the one i lost this year but maybe i’ll win next year I don’t know. I hope so but i don’t really know, and there are probably gonna be government cuts to the arts which won’t help so i don’t know if they’ll host it this year. i hope they do.

i’ve got about a minute or two left, and i’m not sure what to say. i have a lot to say. i just keep it so buried that it’s hard for it to find its way out. i miss him. i really do. i miss myself. i miss the person i used to be because i feel like a shadow of my former self. maybe i’ll find myself again. i really hope so.